Community Garden

The Carthage Community Gardens (CCG) is a self sustaining project of the Carthage Civic League. Its members are either from the community of Carthage or associated with it. Located off 73rd St, right behind the Carthage School, the CCG hosts monthly events as a way to socialize with other gardeners and introduce new foods and ways to prepare them!


People interested in joining may pick from two gardening opportunities: The Collective Garden and Individual Garden Beds.

The Collective Garden Program (CGP) enrollment starts December and ends in May. The CPG is a group of households  who collectively garden. Each household is assigned a plant family and maintain that bed.  The gardeners not only harvest from the beds they maintain, but also from all the other beds in the program. The Garden coordinator is available for guidance as need.  Common beds with produce like asparagus, grapes, strawberry and herbs are also available to harvest. Fees include planting supplies, trellises, organic fertilizer, and cover crops.

Individual Beds open in March and close in November. Gardens will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Individual Beds  are 4 x 8′ or  long 4 x  20’.  This also includes the opportunity to harvest from the common beds producing herbs, strawberries, grapes, raspberries, and blueberries.

Once fees are paid and a contract signed, a member may start gardening under the guidelines of the contract. Fees are set at the beginning of each season.

Apply online HERE
Download Contracts and Guidelines HERE.