Carthage NBD Plan

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Voting for plan approval will take place at the Carthage Civic League meeting on December 17, 2018 at 7:30pm.

About Plan Cincinnati

Plan Cincinnati was designed to represent the voice of the people of Cincinnati and guide the future of our city.  After three years, hundreds of meetings, thousands of conversations, and countless ideas bandied back and forth by community members, business people, city leaders, students from elementary school to college, and property owners, we found that Cincinnatians had a lot to say.

Some said that this is a place with a lot of potential, as we are a city with “good bones,” and others took it a step further to say that we are currently experiencing a renaissance. Some said this is a city that has a lot wrong with it; others said Cincinnatians are too hard on themselves and do not see all of the amazing things happening here. Some thought that Cincinnati is the best-kept secret in the country, and that we should no longer keep that secret to ourselves. Some said that Cincinnatians need to have more pride in who and what we are.

Everyone said they loved their city; but no one said they wanted it to never change.

Plan Cincinnati is the opportunity to strengthen what we love about this city, what works, and what needs more attention to be truly great.  We can also set a course for making improvements, stimulating new ideas, and changing old processes that no longer work in a modern environment. Plan Cincinnati is that guide. It redefines our city and what it means to be a thriving urban city.

Plan Cincinnati describes our shared values of living in a thriving urban city and defines how it is operationalized in both a physical and a policy framework. It refocuses on the human scale with a conceptual framework that guides future development building on our historic building patterns. Cincinnati is already developed and the bulk of the infrastructure for a thriving urban city is already here. Because we are a city with “good bones,” we don’t need to create a new Cincinnati, we just need to reinvigorate it in order to become the modern city we want to be.

Cincinnati has an important role in the history of planning in the United States.  As the first city to have a comprehensive plan adopted by a City Council in 1925, we led the way that cities strategically plan their growth and development. Once again, we have that opportunity.

Plan Cincinnati signals a significant shift in planning in the United States. Some jurisdictions have moved forward with pieces that support quality of life and livability in an urban context, but paired with the Land Development Code, Form-Based Code, and other initiatives, Plan Cincinnati represents a truly comprehensive sea-change. This is a plan that can show the nation how to recreate urban form in contemporary ways in light of the people and economy of a 21st century place.

Plan Cincinnati, at its core, is a chance for Cincinnatians to dream about what the future might hold. In our shared efforts to implement Plan Cincinnati, we can indeed be that model of a thriving urban city.

Thriving Re-Urbanization

The vision for the future of Cincinnati is focused on an unapologetic drive to create and sustain a thriving inclusive urban community, where engaged people and memorable places are paramount, where creativity and innovation thrive, and where local pride and confidence are contagious.